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Eco (Green) Policy

The Townhouse cares about the environment.  Here are some examples of how our guesthouse is run in a green and energy-efficient way:

Energy Conservation

All windows (bedrooms, passageways) are fitted with secondary glazing to reduce heat loss.  The curtains and blinds have thermal linings. Double glazing and blinds in the conservatory help reduce heat loss.  All lights are fitted with energy saving bulbs and switched off when not needed.  External lights for signs are on timers, the entrance light is motion sensitive.  Low energy LED ceiling lights are fitted in rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen.  Laundry and kitchen appliances (washing machine, drier, fridge, and dishwasher) are modern and AAA+ energy rated.  Quick wash and low temperature washes are selected to reduce energy use.  The freezer is kept full for more efficiency, and the fridge is run at optimum temperature.  The Townhouse uses an electric induction hob which is the most efficient available.  The electric grill is new and efficient.  These cooking appliances are only turned on when needed for each breakfast i.e. not left on regardless.  The oven is only used when needed which is rarely.  A modern boiler (gas) for central heating and hot water is regularly serviced. Radiators are switched off when rooms are not in use.  Central heating is on timer, changed according to a) season b) outside temperature; this is reviewed on a regular (daily/weekly) basis during the winter months, and seldom on during the daytime. Water re circulation system for reducing hot water wastage is in operation and hot water pipes are lagged where appropriate. Rockwool insulation has been installed in the attic to the maximum thickness (i.e. 300mm).  External walls of the property are thick and have high heat retention.  The front door has a draft proof strip and there is a secondary door to help retain heat.  We have a clean towel policy to prevent unnecessary towel washing.  The office computer is on standby mode when not in use.


All staff are trained and encouraged to be aware of the Townhouse eco policy and to value and participate in sustainable business practices.

Fuel Use

Staff generally use public transport to get to and from work.  The breakfast food, cleaning products and other essentials are mostly delivered in bulk for efficiency.  Other products are bought locally, usually within walking distance.  Local maintenance firms are used when needed.  Because of our proximity to the city centre we are able to encourage our guests to leave their cars for free in the resident's parking bays just outside the house and walk to the centre.  We encourage walking and cycling groups to stay and allow cycles to be stored securely in the back garden.


We buy local and use Fair-Trade products wherever possible e.g. coffee, tea, sugar, fruit teas.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We try to reduce waste to a minimum and recycle to the maximum. We do not over buy and very rarely have to throw away unused food. We recycle plastics, juice containers, tins, cardboard, bottles/jars, and newspapers.  To help reduce single use plastic waste we provide filtered water in glass bottles.


All bedrooms have modern mixer showers that run off our very efficient modern hot water system.


Office paper is re-cycled.  Printer ink cartridges are re-cycled. Re-cycled paper is used in the printers.

Building / repairs

Only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council - sustainable timber certification) timber is used when repairing or replacing timber.  Oak tables, shelves and cupboards in the rooms all used FSC oak.


Promoting green thoughts, educating and sharing

By making a green statement on our web site and explaining our commitment there, and also by talking about our policies with our guests, friends and families we are able to share and hopefully promote eco thoughts in others.  Guests will, we hope, become extra aware of finding out the green policies of other hotels and guesthouses when choosing where to stay in the future.